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Key People

João Neves, General Manager

Totally focused on achieving global goals, João believes that a true leader is not a boss but the one who shows confidence and takes advantage of the best of each person.

At the age of 28, he was already managing a multinational company in Portugal with more than 300 people in payroll. To achieve that value, he's developed financial strategies, supporting organization objectives and evaluating financial performance in order to accelerate overall business success. That, in his view, is a Team Leader!


His leadership also springs from his experience as CFO, driving international teams through the development and implementation of strategic financial procedures and systems, while establishing effective operational processes to drive business success and control costs.


João's background is strongly supported by an outstanding performance during his academical life, having a MS in Economics and two different post graduations in a world recognized university - Universidade Católica Portuguesa.


During the last years, as a General Manager, he's been focused on developing ITR inorder to be recognized as a World Class Company in the refractory industry.

André Oliveira, HSEQ Manager

Holding an MSc in Civil Engineering, he's built an international experience as an advanced bridge inspector in Portugal and Africa making part of LNEC research team. Later, as a Researcher, André has cooperated with several other exclusive research teams in IST and FCT/UNL, where he was responsible for developing and supporting several research I&D projects.


At ITR, he is currently using his experience and skills as a HSEQ manager.


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