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Global Refractory Solutions Across the Globe


Who We Are

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, ITR is a specialized company in lining of refractory materials, operating on a worldwide basis in different industries, such as: Iron and Steel, Glass, Chemical and Petrochemical, Non Ferrous, Cement, Energy and Environment.

Founded in 2015, ITR was designed to fulfil some gaps within the market.

With a men power of up to 50, ITR's team has people with more than 20 years’ experience in refractory market and it is the correct partner.

Our target is to be always recognized as a World Class Company, who executes Projects Safely with the highest Quality standards, within Budget and Schedule.




  • Experimented Human Resources

  • Our own Equipment’s and Maintenance

  • Safety and Quality systems supported by International Standards

  • Training and continuous Improvement Plan

Specialized Portuguese Team

  • Several years of experience in all kind of industries

  • High skill site management with experience Worldwide

Costumer's Satisfaction

  • Our priority is to deliver the best quality, technology, management, safety and service.

  • A group committed to its employees.


  • High quality and safety consciousness.

  • Worldwide presence and closeness to our clients.

  • Regular training and evaluation

  • Commitment & motivation from good working conditions



  • Maintenance Services: Yearly shutdown with Planning and Construction.

  • Full maintenance repairs with continuous presence at Customer’s Plants.

  • Emergency Shutdown Projects. “Ready to go”.

  • Demolition. Safety and lasting repairs


ITR can provide adequate, certified and skilled manpower, tools and equipment for all type of refractory work like:


  • Bricklaying

  • Gunning

  • Shotcrete

  • Casting

  • Pumping

  • Ramming

  • Welding of anchors

  • Fiber lining

  • Demolishing & more.


We prepare and provide all required documents such as Installation Procedures, QA/QC Documents, Health and Safety Documents.


The right installation of refractory products has to be controlled by drawings and documents. Beside this paperwork, experienced supervision is required to monitor the installed quality.
Well trained supervisors are there to assist you. We have the knowledge to overcome installation problems.
Our supervisors understand all refractory products with their specific installation techniques to serve you worldwide.




  • Suspended Roofs

  • Shotcrete method

  • Hot repair with rotor shooter


  • Refractory Lining

  • Chemical and Petrochemical

  • Iron and Steel

  • Energy and Environment

  • Glass

  • Cement

  • Aluminum and Non Ferrous Furnaces


Safety Policy

Safety is a key area for ITR.

Our success is supported by the excellent safety record of the company and ongoing commitment to our clients and workers. The company complies with each and every safety requirement established from the beginning of the project to its conclusion, covering all our clients‘ needs in accordance with our policies of quality, training and risk prevention.

Safety goes from the individual all the way through the company. 

Risk Management

Risks have to be identified, managed and minimized and if possible removed.

We prefer to talk about  “Risk Management“ rather than “Risk Prevention“, that is why employee safety has been and is the main priority of ITR, proof of which is our excellent safety record.

ITR makes an important investment in the prevention of occupational risks at all levels of work in the organization.

We are proud of our highly qualified team of professionals trained in occupational safety, which guarantees the highest levels of safety on the job and strict compliance with the regulations in effect in all the countries where we deliver our services.

International Thermal Refractories


Assuming its commitment to the safety and health of the workers and the quality of the services, ITR has been assessed and approved by the "Belgisch Centrum voor Certificatie" according to the International Standard SHE Checklist Contractors (SCC) and the Quality and Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.


The ISO 9001 is implemented by over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries.  This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. The certification in ISO 9001 will ensure that ITR’s services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.


‘SCC’ is the abbreviation for Safety Health and the Environment (SHE) Checklist Contractors, a versatile and comprehensive programme that is intended to make it possible for companies to operate with greater safety awareness and prevent accidents.

International Thermal Refractories
International Thermal Refractories

Quality Policy

ITR leads and advances its commitment to quality by facilitating all the necessary resources to achieve excellence, in addition to establishing suitable mechanisms so that our policy is understood and practiced by all personnel of the company.

Training Policy

ITR invests heavily in the training of its professionals at all levels of employment. Training is adapted to each of the profiles required by the company and is one of the key factors in achieving the strategic targets of the group, as well as for adjusting the capacities and abilities of employees to organizational needs.

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